Oscar, Oscar, have you seen the Oscar?

Usually, I am not that interested in watching The Oscar. Usually they are pretty boring. And usually I don’t agree with both nominations and awards.

But this time I had two reasons to watch the show.

The first one was Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame. He is hilarious. This is the only TV show that I have watched almost religiously in my life. I missed him already, because he didn’t appear on the show for the few days (probably because of his preparations for the Oscar ceremony). I needed my humor fix.

The second reason was “Crash“. I was very surprised to see it nominated. If you don’t remember, I reviewed it earlier last year. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen ever. And it was one of the most underpromoted movies too.

In case “Crash” would have won any awards I could read about it the next day, so I didn’t have to see the show for that. What I wanted to see the show for was the reaction of the audience if wouldn’t have won anything.

I’m glad to report that I both enjoyed watching the ceremony (Jon Stewart was as good as I expected him to be, or even better) and “Crash” won a few Oscars, including the “main” one – The best motion picture of the year.

My faith in Oscar awards and ceremony shows might just get a little stronger…

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