That’s a virus infection too

Maxim’s temperature didn’t go down, so we went to see Dr.Simos. He checked the kid thoroughly and said that Maxim’s throat is soar. He seems to have some sort of virus infection – nothing serious though.

Maxim was prescribed a couple of sirups that should easy up his throat and help fight the temperature. It is expected that by Wednesday he should be fully OK.

By the way – to those of you who trust only in “natural” ways of healing I have to say “Reconsider!”. I was once again amazed by the wonders of technology and progress today, when a sample was quickly taken from Maxim’s throat and analyzed with a bunch of chemicals, giving a rather precise result within 10 minutes – what was and what wasn’t there and what is the best way to fix it.

Amen to the technology!

P.S.: Oh, and the front upper teeth are coming too. We can almost see them.

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