WIMP.com – your productivity killer

Normally, I would just bookmark the site with Delicious and wait until it will get into my daily dumps here and be done with it. But not WIMP.com.

This one is special. If you look at it – there is nothing fancy. The design is simple. No features like user registration, banners, or automatically syndicated news from other sources.

All it has are pictures, flash animations and games, and short video clips. And it’s the video clips that did it for me. Short, amateur, often of terrible quality, but interesting and to the point.

Some say that today’s kids have an attention span of 3 seconds. Well, I don’t blame them. With so much stuff out there – do you need any more? Learn to express yourself. If you need more than 3 seconds of attention span, you aren’t targeting today’s kids. Change, if you have to.

Anyway, go and check that site out. I guarantee you that your productivity will drop tremendiously. There is just no way to stop. You can’t have enough. At least I. The only thing that might keep you in reality is your bandwidth monitor. If your traffic is expensive, skip it now.

Let me know what’s your favourite clip, by the way.

One thought on “WIMP.com – your productivity killer”

  1. hey, i came across this looking for the wimp.com flash archive. i’m sorry to tell you that the site was taken down, brought back, and then reset. none of the original content, like the flash and the jokes and the pictures are there. only the vids. its still a great site. respond if you please.

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