On life expectancy

I had a revelation this morning. It was about life expectancy.

In most countries women have higher life expectancy than men. That basically means that women live longer. The reasons may vary. But one of them got stuck in my head like a dream or something:

Women generally don’t drink ten pints of beer every Friday in a heavily smoked pub and then street race their way back home. Like their husbands do.

Purhaps it has something to do with life expectancy. Purhaps it doesn’t. I just liked how it sort of appeared in my head and got stuck there.

4 thoughts on “On life expectancy”

  1. Hmm…

    1. I don’t know anyone who cycles to work and back.

    2. If there are those who cycle to work and back – either they do a terribly bad job of it or cycling is not as useful as people say it is, since women’s higher life expectancy is a fact.


  2. I think we live longer because we can cry and we need not to prove everybody that we are ‘cooler’ than we really are.I agree with you about beer. And we do a lot of housework while you are sitting in front of computer or in the pub. :-)

  3. Hmm… Mom, you bring up an interesting point – 50 years ago women did way more housework, but their life expectancy was lower than today. I guess all that housework aren’t that healthy afterall. ;)

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