All good things come to an end

Martin has closed doors of his DVD club. It wasn’t a surprise as things were slowing down a lot lately.

People’s perspective on movies has changed a lot. With all the piracy going on, people want to rent DVDs at the same time as movies are in the cinema. This alone pretty much means that you can’t be legid. You either have to cheat. Or break the though. Or both. Or you have to work really really hard (like finding new angles on the whole entertainment thing), which arent’ worth it anyway.

DVD prices are outragous. Check Amazon, for example. The DVDs are $15 USD on average. That’s about 6 CYP. With regular DVD rental prices at 1 CYP, it meas that each DVD has to be rented at least to 6 people to cover its own cost. Then some more to pay the office bills and then some to earn something for the owner.

But DVDs are also an extremely fragile media. After 6 people have watched the disk, it is all scratched and bent, so it needs to be replaced. Which is how much? Oh, yeah, right…

As much as I am saddenned by the news, I do understand the reasons behind the decision.

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