I am on the right track

Either I am very lucky this month or I am doing something right. First, Google recruiter asked me if I was interested in working for them. And now I got another offer from someone else. This time though there is nothing major. A one time task to transfer a bunch of blogs from Nucleus CMS to WordPress. Since I wrote the script to do migrate my blog, they figured that I might be the right person to help them out.

I am glad. I am glad that my blog starts to bring in a little potential. I am glad that people find stuff that I do useful. I am glad that there is yet another example of how Open Source Software works. I just did something for myself. Than I published it. Few people found it useful and customized it to their needs. And now someone else found it who don’t have the skills or time necessary to do the necessary changes, so they are willing to pay me to do it for them.

That feeds my enthusiasm and helps me both to develop and advocate Open Source Software.

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