Yet another status update

I think I am done fighting with the design of the site. Currently everything seems to look just fine in Firefox, Konqueror, and Opera. The site also validates without any errors against w3c HTML and CSS validators, meaning that if you are using a standard-compliant browser, than the site should behave. Otherwise – you’re on your own. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not a standard-compliant browser, but it mostly works too. It just shows a couple of glitches here and there and I am not goingto fix them until Microsoft will fix their browser. Yes, I know, that will not happen in any near future. But enough about it.

I have also installed and activated another plugin to make finding things easier – Terong Related Links. Withthis plugin I can clearly link to related articles at the end of each post. The related articles links will only be referencing posts in this blog and not any outside resources. At least for the mean time.

If you see any misbehavior or some missing functionality, please let me know and I will fix it. Don’t take that as a promise though.

8 thoughts on “Yet another status update”

  1. Erwin,

    thanks for the plugin and for stopping by. The plugin is very useful indeed. I guess there is some room for improvement in the UI area, but I’ll comment somewhere closer to the plugin page with specifics. :)

  2. Hi Leonid,
    I just uploaded Terong Related Links version 1.1 with some new features and fixes as follow:

    * Popup window to allow manage your related links while you still can manually enter ID and post-name to custom fields

    * Related links will only be displayed in ’single page’

    * Current post has been excluded from the related links

    You might want to give it a try.

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