One down, two to go

We’ve been sorting out Maxim’s doctors’ appointments today. There are some good news, and there are some news expectations. Luckily – no bad news for today.

But first things first. We went to the oculist office again to check on the status of Maxim’s eye. As you can remember, we were doing the vision check five days ago and discovered that there is a scratch on his right retina. Doctor confirmed that everything is OK now and that the scratch is gone and fully healed. These are the good news.

While Olga was waiting with Maxim in the queue, I went to see Dr.Simos. We called into a lab to arrange for the brain scan that Maxim needs now regarding the paralysis of his right facial nerve. Since the procedure requires the presense of anastesiologist, setting up a date is a bit tricky. They promised to call us back when the appointment will be arranged. I also got a price estimation of 130 CYP for the scan plus 30-40 CYP for the “sleeping doctor”. Hopefully the insurance will cover it.

Dr.Simos was also nice enough to call Dr.Avraam in Nicosia to check upon the results of the nuclear scan that we did the other day. He even caught Dr.Avraam on the phone, but unfortunately he was out of his office and didn’t have the test results with him. He promised to call back Dr.Simos on coming Friday. They will have a chat and Dr.Simos will let me know of the results.

While it might not sound like a lot, I felt like I spent all day meeting doctors and visiting their offices. On the good side though, none of them charged anything at all. Considering that it is the end of the month, I was a bit cheered up by that.

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