No pain, no basketball. At least for the first time.

Everyone knows that white men can’t jump. That’s a fact. Fat white man jumping not only look rediculous, but are endangering the lives and well-being of other people on the court.

Never-the-less that was exactly what I was doing today. Jumping. While attempting to play basketball. It was far from a real game and I am sure it looked pretty pathetic.

It’s been more than a year since my last exercise. It’s been more than five years since I had any regular excercises. My physical condition is not appropriate for any sports at all, let alone such a dynamic game as basketball, which requires lots of running, jumping, ball and opponent control, and basket targetting skills.

But you all know how excited one can get while playing a game. I forgot all about everything and was running around like a wounded bull in corrida arena. Surprisingly, my lungs were working better than I expected and my heart could keep up better than I though it would. My mind was on the game too. The only problem, besides absolute lack of prior basketball practice (high school doesn’t count as it was way too long ago), the problem was with the speed of my muscles.

It reminded me that time when I was doing boxing. There is this really weird feeling when putting on heavy sparring gloves after training with bare fists or light sandbag gloves. The mind is working much faster than the hands. And there is nothing you can do at the moment. You can see and feel where you want your hands, but no matter what you do, they just aren’t there.

The same happenned today. I knew where I want my body parts, but no matter how hard I tried, they just couldn’t keep up. But I was behaving like they were. And so it were only a few minutes into the game when I crashed into the floor running in the straight line trying to pick up the ball. I couldn’t even control and ease the fall with my hands. They weren’t as fast as I wanted them to be either.

As a result – a hard crash. I was very close to braking a couple of fingers on my right hand. Somehow that didn’t happen. Still I hurt them pretty badly. I continued to play after a short timeout, but the fingers are still hurt. My hand became a bit bigger than it was before the game. To stay on the safe side, I took off my wedding ring as it was tightening up pretty badly. It’s the first time I took my ring in the whole three year long life of our marriage. There’s first time for everything I guess.

Anyway. I survived the game even though slightly damaged. I did somewhat better than I thought I would. I will be ready to play again when the wounds will heal. I hope that they are all gone by the next week, when the next match will probably take place.

P.S.: Typing is painful, so I’ll stop here. Few pictures are on the way though.

P.P.S.: Yey, I don’t even have a sport category on website. How could I live without it for such a long time? Well, that’s because I wasn’t doing any sports!

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