The worst code ever

Today is the black day in my experiences calendar. I have seen the worst code ever. I found all that mess in our corporate intranet. It has been written by one guy who long left the company and noone looks at it nomore. Other programmers avoid it like a plague and prefer to write new code rather than make changes the existing one.

It is a really really horrible mix of Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML. I feel that the uglyness of Visual Basic contributed to the situation, although to write this crap one must possess some outstanding skills of crapy programming. Really. After a short consideration I realized that any file out of approximately two dozen can make the whole collection of The Daily WTF posts seem like a magically wonderful Christmas Eve.

It was that bad that the only good thing about it was that there were no comments. If there were any, they would have probably be cryptic, badly written, incorrect, and adding to the whole confusion.

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