Smack my head

One of Maxim’s latest activities is smacking his own head. Unlike many other children that I read about, he doesn’t do it with his bare hands. Never. He uses toys. The harder the toy, the better. After about the second smack he understands that the toy connected to his hand introduces some painful experiences. Guess what he does. No. Nope. Wrong again. He uses his second hand to catch the toy in flight. He would be twice more effecient if he would keep his eyes open when he does so…

The whole process is so funny that noone can actually do anything about it. We all almost die laughing every time he does it. Imagine a baby kid with a hard plastic toy in one hand, which he tries to use to hit himself on the forehead. While doing so he closes his eyes and tries to catch the nasty weapon with his other hand. He rearly succeeds. Hahaha… Oh, wait! He is doing it right now!

3 thoughts on “Smack my head”

  1. He has to learn that hitting his head with hard stuff won’t do him any good. It’s better that he learns it now with toys, than later, when crawling, with furniture. :)

    Anyway, don’t worry, it’s a normal stage for child development. He learns the difference between soft and hard stuff. :)

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