Update on Deep Purple’s visit to Cyprus

Firstly, I wanted to let everyone know that I am planning to go to the concert. I’ll be ticket hunting during the coming week. Anyone else wants to go?

Secondly, I noticed a strange thing with Google. My blog comes out as the top first result for the query “deep purple cyprus“. I’ve seconded even the official Deep Purple website. Does anyone know how can I make any money out of it? Just kidding. No, actually, I am serious.

Thirdly, some humor regarding the upcoming concert. I’ve heard a few guys talking the other day:

Someone: Are you planning to go to the concert?

Someone else: I’d go only on one condition – that they won’t play “Smoke on the water”. I’ve heard it way too many times and I don’t want to hear it again.

Someone else else: I must be kidding me. They would be killed and tortured by the crowd in so many different creative ways if they won’t play “Smoke on the water”… I’m sure even they know it and they won’t risk it.

Yet another someone else: I’m sure half of that crowd would pay twice the price of the ticket to just hear “Smoke on the water” a couple of times and nothing else. All they want is to hear it from the original source for once.

That second guy: Oh, well. Tough luck than.

4 thoughts on “Update on Deep Purple’s visit to Cyprus”

  1. Leonid….If I am not mistaken, you studied at Intercollege, am I right ? I m not sure if you remember me, I am that Bangladeshi guy with long hair (its gone now….), we did couple of courses together……

    Anyway man, guess how i found you…! a simple search in google : cyprus deep pruple then you r just at the top …..

    geeee how did you do it ? I mean this google thing.
    Can you please tell me where can I get the tickets from Limassol ?

    Anyway Take care man :-)

  2. That is too funny about the google search result!

    Sadly I don’t think I know any Deep Purple songs *apart* from Smoke on the Water. I agree with the person who said people would want to hear it live though. I definitely think it’s different hearing a song live rather than on some audio medium.

  3. Maybe you know some songs but they are in your passive memory. Here a few names that might ring some bells:

    * Space trucking
    * Highway star
    * Fireball
    * Loosing my mind

    Sound familiar? :)

  4. Hey Sharif!

    I remember you. :) It was some long time ago though… Where are you know? What do you do?

    The Google thing worked for this site because noone else cared to write about Deep Purple coming here I guess. I don’t know. I get on top of some really strange search results. :)

    Anyway, I haven’t found out yet where one can buy tickets in Limassol, but I inteded to do so shortly. I will post more info when I’ll find out. Stay tuned. ;)

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