Cyprus is not expensive at all

It turns out that Cyprus is not at all as expensive as some people say it is.

Bucharest in Romania is the least expensive European city in 103rd place (71.4), followed by Limassol in Cyprus ranked 100th (71.9).

3 thoughts on “Cyprus is not expensive at all”

  1. Depends on how “expensive” is defined; from what I saw out of the external link they justify this by comparing goods’ prices. So this is not such a good approach as a country or town may look cheaper but depends on …who’s buying and what’s his budget for spending…

  2. When I was there last year the CYP (and Euro) was strong. The prices were a bit higher than here in the US. Since the USD is coming back and the Euro is taking a hit because of the EU constitution problems and Germany’s comments on troubles with the Euro currency it has evened out a bit. My guess is that when I go back to Cyprus in September it will not be too bad at all.

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