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I came across Blogs Of The Day a couple of days ago. It is a nice resources for those who maintain WordPress blogs. It is a some sort of rating site. You can install a WordPress plugin, activate it, and your blog will automatically participate in the ratings. Both most visited blogs and most popular articles are displayed. The site is still in beta, but it is rock solid and grows constantly. At this time it features 140 blogs.

I have installed and activated the pluging about two days ago. None of my posts are on the Buzzlist, but my blog is in the Top 40 Sites (17th at the moment) and in the Top 20 Homes (10th at the moment). Don’t ask me for the difference between Sites and Homes though as I haven’t figured it out myself yet.

Two good things about Blogs Of The Day are:

  • Constantly updated links to interesting stuff to read in other blogs. There is a list of categories that can be used for finding specific subjects, if Top lists don’t appeal to you.
  • More traffic for all listed blogs. I’ve noticed an increase in visitors of my blog. Some of them have even subscribed to RSS feeds and participated via comments.

If you run WordPress – try it out.

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