Finding uptime on Windows 2000 machines

I tried to check the uptime on some of our Windows 2000 servers, but discovered that there is no such command. Neither there is utime or anything alike. Puzzled I turned to Google and found this article.

In short, I had to issue net statistics server command. The first line of the result says something like “Statistics since ” and than provides the date and time the machine was started. Figuring how much time has passed since that date is trivial with Perl and Date::Calc module.

4 thoughts on “Finding uptime on Windows 2000 machines”

  1. If i understood what u talking about there is one useful site: maybe uknow it.
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  2. go to microsoft download site and search for uptime.exe for the server uptime with the help of which you can find server uptime easilty

  3. Suresh,

    Thanks for the tip. Downloading uptime.exe is a good idea for those servers where you would need to check uptime regularly. But if you login to some random machine and need to check the uptime, than the quickest way is to use the hint above.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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