I’m speechless…

Maxim didn’t feel good and couldn’t sleep. He ate too much or something and his belly was hurting. The only position he could keep up was vertical. Meaning he was half standing on me for an hour or so. Any attempt to move him failed because of his crying and grimacing.

After about one hour of pains, he managed to fall asleep. I held him for some time more and rotate him 90 degrees to a horizontal position. He started to wake up. I decided to put him in bed, hoping that he won’t wake up. He did. Half way to his bed he opened his eyes as wide as he could. His face looked like he was in pains for a couple of years or so.

I put him to bed anyway. He kept silent for some time, but he wasn’t sleeping. I thought I’d let him stay there until he will demand some attention. So I’m sitting in the living room, listening to every sound coming out of the bedroom and suddenly… what do I hear? Laugher!

I thought that it was my imagination. I went to check upon him and indeed – he was laying there, looking at his toys and laughing happily. He even started talking (“ahu-aha” kind of talk) to them.

I’m speechless…

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