Happy birthday, grandpa!

Today is the 76th birthday of my grandfather (my father’s father). It’s been a while since I last saw him in 1997, but from what I hear he’s still kicking and rocking. I have only one old and lousy picture of him with my cousine. But that should change soon, because:

  1. I asked my father to find a digital camera and make a few pictures at grandpa’s birthday party. With some luck he’ll do so and send me the pictures.
  2. I promised both my grandpa and my grandma that I’ll bring Maxim one day to show him to them. Of course, that’ll require a long trip from Cyprus to Russia, so we’ll have to wait a bit until Maxim grows up and becomes strong enough. That will take about a year, but that will happen.

Anyway, happy birthday grandpa and all the best wishes from all of us. You know.

Update: I called my grandpa today and he said that my father did show up with the digital camera and he did make a few pictures. Hooray! Half of the job is done. Now all he needs to do is actually send these images to me.

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