Categories fixed

Finally, with the help of my brother, I managed to fix the categories. If you are about to ask what was wrong, I’ll tell you. The nesting was missing. All categories were in the flat list, sorted alphabetically, even though that made a little sense. Now you can everything as I intended iit to be.

I have also opened a number of new categories (such as all those programming languages) and rearranged some old ones (such as Wishlist going under Personal) without announcements. I generally try to keep you informed, but there are often these small things which aren’t worth a post on their own.

4 thoughts on “Categories fixed”

  1. THe only problem now is that categories do not work in Internet Explorer! When I was fixing them I used Firefox (luckely you don’t have IE at your workstation) and now I am watching you blig with IE :) Categories are totaly messed from this browser so I iether should fix em for IE as well, or if you don’t care much you may choose “Get Firefox” way (which is better to me)

  2. Many people can’t install software at workplace, so I’d appreciate a lot, if you could fix the style for IE.

    I gave you access to /var/www/gucho/ directory. Style is in the style.css file, while the categories are in the sidebar.php file.

  3. I fixed it for you! Actually, the guys at WordPress were much smarted than I thought. Instead of trying to write a common CSS file for Mozilla and IE and making both of the browsers render the page the same way (which is almost impossible), they just made a browser detection and wrote 2 CSS files :)

    So whenever you need to change CSS, don’t forget to adjust not only style.css, but also style-ie.css :)

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