Happy birthday, me!

It is my 27th birthday today. While this is not a round number or anything, this particular date is very important. I guess that millions of guys in Russia wish they were 27, because …

… 27 is when they don’t want you in the army no more. 9 years, from the age of 18 until 27 is all they have to get the person join the military service and pay his duty his country. Of course, with the way they have organised things around there noone in their sane mind would want to join. And there are not that many ways to avoid the army. I had only one way of not getting in – leave the country. And so I did.

I am glad that I did. First of all, because I avoided the generals. Secondly, because I met the love of life here, and we live together for some time now, and we got married, and we’ve got a kid. Thidly, because I spent time getting educated. I am a professional now with few years of practice under my belt. Fourthly, because I’ve met a whole lot of interesting people, which I wouldn’t have had a chance of meeting otherwise. Fifthly, because I stepped on the way of becoming European citizen, which, if successful, will make my life so much easier and better. Sixth, … you get the idea.

So, when people ask me about what my country did for me, I reply – “It got me out of itself.” All I had to do in return is to stay out until I am 27. And here I am. Done.

I will be celebrating this occasion today in Molly Malone’s pub from around 8:00pm. Pass by and have a pint with me if you have nothing better to do. :)

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