In the morning

When I opened my eyes today morning, I saw Maxim laying few centimeters away from me. He was staring at me like I was one of those van Gogh paintings. Half a second after I opened my eyes a huge smile appeared on his face. And he looked so happy. This was the most beautiful waking up I ever had! Man, I almost died of happiness right there!

Apparently, Olga was feeding him – that is how he ended up in our bed. She was changing her position when I woke up – that is why I didn’t see her at first.

Anyway, after the feeding, I was holding Maxim in my hands, patting him and singing to him, trying to make him fall asleep. I was waiting for him to start dreaming so I could leave for the office. And let me tell you that leaving for office is the last thing you want to do when you have this sweet angel in your hands.

And I think he knew that I was going to leave. He didn’t want to sleep. Actually he wanted, his eyes were closing themselves, but he was fighting it as long as he could. And if that wasn’t enough by itself, he grabbed by gown with both of his tiny hands and was holding it like this was his life support system. He felt asleep like that. When I tried to remove his hands from my gown, so that I could put him to bed, he woke up immideately and gave me one of his enemy-of-the-state looks. Only when he slept really hard in about half an hour I managed to slip out.

I’m going to miss him a lot for the next 9 hours or so…

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