Behavioural test

We’ve put Maxim through a behavioural test today. Don’t get scared yet, we didn’t do anything even remotely cruel to him.

Olga and I went to visit Vladimir. A small celebration of his birthday and a showing of Maxim to Vladimir’s parents were our goals. Obviously, we took Maxim with us.

He was behaving surprisingly well. At first we were a little bit worried about how he would handle himself, since he is misbehaving (wakes up too often, doesn’t take the breast properly, spits the milk – these sort of things) during the last couple of days. But with every moment we were getting more and more confident.

Maxim fell asleep in the car. And he basically slept through the next couple of hours. Than he woke up. I took him in my hands and calmed him down a bit. Than put him back and he slept for yet another hour. After that he asked for food. Very politely I must say. Olga fed him. Maxim went back to sleep.

Isn’t he one cute baby that can be carried around parties? Sure he is. Now we’ll have to confirm his behaviour with more going out.

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