Christian baptising

Many people ask me when are we going to baptise Maxim and if we have selected his godparents. I am sorry to disappoint you all, but we are not going to baptise Maxim. Olga and I are agreeing on this. We think that the choice of religion is his own choice to make. We are not very religious (read: very not religious) and thus the issue is not so very urging for us.

The same goes for the choice of godparents. He will be the one to choise. If he asks me, I can make a suggestion or two, but I won’t go in it any deeper.

Some people have noticed to me that with age people get more religious and that I might change my mind in the future. This is true. Especially, as some of you know how easy I can change my mind. So far I speaking as things stand. We are not planning on baptising Maxim. Maybe this will change. Maybe not. But not now for sure.

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