New washing machine

Today we finally changed our old washing machine. It wasn’t completely broken though. The problem was that it didn’t want to get water by itself and someone had to pure water into it every time it wanted it. No fun. On some rare ocassions it would also spoil the clothes by putting some rusty color on them.

The problems are minor and could have been fixed, but we decided to get a new one anyway. A tour around the city suggested that washing machines are all in 200+ CYP range. They would get bigger and smarter with the price. But we wanted something small and simple. When we almost lost all hopes, we found what we were looking for. Galatariotis shop offered us Indesit W162 for 160 CYP with delivery, installation and two years guarantee.

It is the second time Galatariotis comes with the best offer (the first one was the fridge couple of years ago). I guess we are going straight to that shop next time we’ll need an electrical appliance.

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