First running nose

Many parents say that their kids’ first sickness was a very hard time. Today Maxim has got a running nose. It’s not exactly a sickness or anything, since he doesn’t even have high temperature. Never-the-less we are taking it pretty tough. The sight of a 10 day old boy having a red face because he has difficulties breathing is very powerful – let me tell you that. For an adult, running nose is not even a problem. Adults know how to clean their noises, take pills, and use napkins. Infants don’t.

Dr.Simos confirmed that as long as there is no temperature, the situation is pretty much a routine and that many infants get into it. He recommended cleaning Maxim’s nose and keeping an eye on him. I went to the farmacy and perchased a couple of items.

One of them was some kind of spray (Physram or something like that), which is basically a steralized sea water. It is totally safe for infants and can be used as much as 5 or 6 times per day. One just puts it up the child’s nose and presses the button. Sea salt unblocks the nose and makes it really running. I tried it on myself first. Safe and easy to use. Leaves a somewhat bitter taste in the throat afterwords.

The second item that I bought was nasal aspirator. It is a kind of pump that is designed to be put into child’s nose and pumped to get anything there is out and into a pump. They had two different kinds in the farmacy. The first one looked all medical and complex with a long transparent hose and a huge pump. It looked scary and professional at the same time. The other one was from Chicco (major manufactorer of baby products). It was small and in a form of a toy. It looked neat and accurate. It also had these feeling of child safety all around it, so I bought it. It worked pretty good.

Anyway, it seems that Maxim will get over this minor illness in no time. On one hand I am glad that his medical experiences started with such an easy and simple thing. On the other hand, I feel pity for him every time I see (or remember) his face and the sound of his breathing.

Note to myself: ask Dr.Simos about the first aid kid during the next meeting. What must we have? What should we have? How and when to use these items?

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