Today I started with all the paperwork that needs to be done for the baby and Olga’s medical expenses.

In order to get the birth certificate, I have to bring some papers from the clinic, passports, and pink slips for both me and Olga to the Limassol district office. I came there today, but they had some technical problems and asked to try tomorrow.

I also went to see our caretaker to pay her some money and fill in the insurance claim. I had some fun imagining how I look sitting in the queue to the gynaecologist. No other man was sitting there alone.

Social insurance is nice. They are kind enough to pay about 200 CYP annualy for the baby, plus they are giving about 200 CYP once for the delivery of the baby. I will have all the needed forms by tomorrow to get these money.

The only guy who I missed taking care of today was our pediatrician. I’ll leave him for tomorrow…

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