Learning to be a good parent

It’s a good thing that kids grow slowly. Their needs and habbits change gradually (even if that’s one or two days). Parents are given time to learn new stuff. Olga and I are trying our very best at this very moment. Luckily, Maxim doesn’t need too much.

Olga changed his diper once today. Then she fed him. I changed his dipers twice so far. And than I bathed him. I wanted to take slightly more time to learn these things, but there weren’t any. At least I was given those few minutes and a couple of instructions…

Alex and Katia Georgiades are helping us a lot. For some reason all medical personnel is not talking too much. That includes our pediatritian, Dr. Simos Kitiris. When you ask anyone of them a question, they wil answer. But they are not telling anything by themselves. The whole parenting thing and baby needs area are still very new to us, so we rarely have any specific questions yet. Alex and Katia just tell us all sorts of things. And showing us also. And I am not talking about the FAQ entries – real stuff! Of course, it’s still our choice wheather to follow the advice or not, but at least we are getting the knowledge. Thanks a bunch, guys!

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