Is Tom Hanks around or what?

Olga and I went to Orphanides supermarket today. Orphanides is one of those shops that try their best to make the life of consumers difficult. 50 cent deposit for the shopping cart is an absolute requirement to make shopping painful for one’s customers, so these were implemented.

Parked in the underground, we deposited the 50 cent coin and picked up one of the carts. When we were passing by the Orphanides caffeteria, we decided that we want to eat something and continue our shopping after the meal. The caffeteria does not have enough space to keep the cart nearby, so we were basically forced to leave it outside together with other carts, some half empty, some half full. When we came out, our cart was gone. The first thought that I had was that Tom Hanks is somewhere near. :)

In one of his recent movies – “The Terminal” – his character was living in the airport. In order to earn some money, he was collecting carts around the building and bringing them back to cart parking, thus getting deposit coins.

Anyway, we laughed a little and went to get another cart. Olga found 50 cent coin on the floor fo the caffeteria, so we actually haven’t lost anything…

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