RSS Reader Market Share

Here is an interesting study with a graph of RSS readers market shares. It is not scientific by any means, but does provide a good insight on the current situation. BlogLines is at the top of the charts with over 50% of the market share. It has some advantages being a web based aggregator as opposed to desktop aggregators, but still it is pretty popular. Read the article for some hints on why the graph shows what it shows.

Linkblogging with

I was thinking about syndicating my bookmarks into the blog, but never implemented it. Today I stumbled upon this post which explains how to syndicate into Movable Types. The Perl script used is a dirty hack. Of course, I had to immidiately correct and improve the situation.

My version of the script uses XML::RSS module for parsing the RSS feed and CGI module for generating the HTML. It also uses tags as a title of the link. Overall, the script is much smaller and cleaner. The results of its work can be seen in the right panel, below archives.

RSS Compendium – RSS Resources

RSS Compendium is one of the best websites devoted to RSS that I have seen. In a clean and convenient manner it provides links to everything and anything about RSS – history, feeds, aggregators, validators, etc. If someone is to visit only one site to understand and start using RSS, RSS Compendium is the best candidate for the job.

Things to say when you’re losing a technical argument

Here are 70 things you can say when losing an argument in technical (read: computer) discussion. If you think that all of these are just jokes and cannot happen in the real argument – think again. I have heard a few of these within the last few years. Better even, I have used few of these myself. ;)

No more home network

Since we are down to one machine for all our home needs, I have reconfigured gucho.kiriz a lot now. There is no more need for the .kirzis domain, thus it will be known as from now on. A bunch of useless services like dhcpd, nfs, and pormap were stopped. Firewall, web server, proxy server and mail server were reconfigured to dispose of internal IP addresses and .kirzis domain.

I have also upgraded all the software on gucho and installed a whole bunch of new packages, so that it appears as a useful workstation. With all the software available these days for Linux, I found Synaptic to be very useful.

If you notice any misbehavior with the site or the server, please let me know.