The Musketeer

Watched a really good PG-13 movie on DVD – “The Musketeer“.

Some people might get confused by the name of Alexandre Dumas p�re mentioned in the credits. Don’t be. This film is not based on any particular novel of his. It has only a vague connection. Some names, places and events look and sound a bit like Dumas’, but they are in fact not. This doesn’t make it a bad movie though.

It has everything I think a good teenage movie should have – action, romance, action, friendship, action, spirit, action, advice. Yes, that’s right, I think that the only way a teenage movie can push anything is by mixing action with all sorts of other stuff. Light romance with a few kisses, good friends and rock-n-roll atmosphere make teenagers feel good. They open up. Or it least I was like this. And the advice part from this film is – Read some books. Preferrably by Dumas, but any will do. You’ll get a lot more action both in action and romance departments. You will probably have more friends too.

Having said that this movie was pretty good I still have something to add. I was suprised. At first, when I saw opening credits I missed it, but it registered in my brain. I knew that I saw something, but I couldn’t have put my finger on it. 3 seconds into the first movie fight, I caught it. Stunt choreographer – Xin Xin Xiong (this page is somewhat better). All of the fights in this film had this Chinese taste to them. At some times it was really obvioius, at others it was very mild. But it was always there – speed, acrobatics, fun and martial arts. Only Chinese know how to do these properly.

I am a bit overaged (not old, but overaged) for this film, but I still liked it. If I was a bit younger, I would love it. If I would have been younger and haven’t read Dumas’ books, I would be crazy about it. 7 out of 10.

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