For my company blog I decided to try a different tool. Since I am mostly using Perl for all my tasks, I thought why not to get some content management system (CMS) which is written in Perl. A quick tour around suggested blosxom. It turned out to be a pretty impressive piece of software. With minimum requirements (runs as CGI) it has all regular blogging features, and supports themes (flavours) and plugins. There are many plugins available from the site.

One of the main differences from many other CMS projects is that blosxom does not use any database. It operates on files and directories. The advantage to that is editing. One can use his favourite text editor to create posts. Categorizing and subcategorizing is also easy – just move a file from one directory to another. Plugins are available to create permanent links based on categories, dates, and titles of posts. Searching plugin is also available.

It took me less than 30 minutes to set up the blog with blosxom and configure a number of plugins. I might even consider migrating this blog to blosxom. Maybe not. But I am impressed non-the-less. Give it a try.

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