Training Day

Watched “Training Day” on TV. I’ve seen this one before when it was in the movies. It does provide for some good entertainment even when watched a second time.

The film is a crime action with Denzel Washington playing a bad guy. That doesn’t happen that often I must say. And even when it does, like in this movie, he does not immediately appear as a bad guy. He is a kind of confused or maybe with slightly messed up limits of acceptable. He acts good anyway. The usual kind of good.

The movie touches on an interesting topic of what is good and what is bad. Like in that South Park episode that asked questions like “Would you kill you father to save your mother?”. In fact this time they were slightly more realistic. How far can cops bend the rules to get bad guys… and along these lines.

Anyway, the film is pretty good and deserves a solid 7 out of 10. Rent it for a Sunday night.

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