Watched “Underworld” on DVD.

This film is based on a nice story and has some great decorations and special effects. It also feels a bit Matrixish with desaturated (and leaned to green) colors, leather clothes with high boots and coats on many characters. There was some really nice photography too. On the bad side though, it was very slow and very boring at times. Some meaningless scenes were attempted to be dramatical with long pauses and looks and stuff like that. Also, there wasn’t one good fight during the course of the film. All fights were very artistical, unnatural, and with no fight instructor behind the scenes. I would also wish for some more vampire and werwovle action, like blood drinking and flash ripping. Film is rated R anyway, so I don’t know what the makers had to lose.

As it is, this film gets 6 out of 10 from me. Watch it if you are in a mood for a slow film about vampires with not too much blood and fighting.

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