Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow” was on TV. This is one of the world’s most boring movies ever made with an ubelievable amount of bullshit. I mean pretty much any action film on the subject of the “lost” nuclear weapons is full of bullshit. But all of them together compare as nothing to this one.

And bullshit is not my problem. I can take as much of it as the next guy. One just has to prepare it nicely, so that it is interesting to watch or hear. “Broken Arrow” failed miserably in that regard. I think I said “Bullshit!” close to a million times while watching it. Yeah, right.

Also, two parts of the film that could have won a number of fans – boxing scene in the beginning and bomber flying scene immediately afterwards – were done poorly. Boxing scene was the worst. I mean there are Charlie Chaplin boxing scenes from almost 100 years back which are more realistic than this one. Yuck.

I’ll give this film a 3 out of 10.

Walking Tall

Watched “Walking Tall” on DVD. It is a good movie, but it is terribly late. If it was made 15-20 years ago, it would be one of the greatest hits somewhere along with “Commando“. Seriously. It has everything a hit action needed 20 years ago: a special forces muscular soldier, a sexy girlfriend, small town, crooked sheriff, and a simple story built upon revenge. It was pretty difficult to do all of this right two decades ago, but now it is classics and they teach this stuff at school. So this movie is late.

The only two things which are fresh here: The Rock and photography. The Rock is not particularly interesting or anything. Camera on the other hand provided me for some satisfaction.

Verdict: 5 out of 10. Pick it up if you are about to do some time travel. Otherwise, get something fresh.

Party at Rosy’O’Gradys, Limassol

December 4th – the coming Saturday – there will be a party in Rosy’O’Gradys in Limassol. Music will be provided by Albert Semichev and Alexander Doronin. These are the same guys that ruled at the last KSP aka Amateur Song Festival. They will be performing for three hours starting at 21:00. They do play quality music and I guess there will be a mix of English and Russian songs. Entrance fees are promised to be 1CYP instead of the usual 3CYP.

If you don’t know how to find Rosy’O’Gradys, follow the seaside road in Limassol tourist area in the direction of Nicosia. You should find Arsinoe Hotel on your left. It should be before Fours Season Hotel and Hamlet Bar if I remember correctly. I have also pointed it on this map (large image file).