Pictures from our wedding party

Me and Olga

I know I have promised for a long time now to scan and upload pictures from Olga’s and my wedding party. It’s been more than two years now and I was always either busy, poor, lazy, or looking for the film rolls. Finally, I managed to push myself together and get it done.

The photoalbum is here. Pictures are not in chronological order. Processing and scanning was done in the photostudio and they have some strange orders there. Maybe I will find some time now to sort them properly, but, at the end of the day, there is no much of a difference.

Film rolls weren’t kept under optimum conditions and, it seems, they suffered quiet a lot. Pictures are very grainy and low resolution, but I guess it will be OK for the web. Maybe later (again) I will try to scan the hard copies that I have (some are missing) and compare the results. If I get any better, I’ll post them instead.

Thanks to my brother who was always busy making pictures while everyone else was enjoying the food and drinks. Great job!

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