On naming a baby

For some time now, Olga and I are not trying to agree on a name for our baby. It seems that we every name that she likes, I cannot stand. Every name that is OK with me, she hates. We managed to locate a few names which don’t cause any major reactions on anyone’s part, but those will need to be sorted out to.

In order to minimize the amount of drama in this area, we decided to wait until we know the gender of the kid. That will cut half of the names right there. And that should happen somewhere around 18th of October, during our second major ultrasound test. The only indication we had so far was “It looks like a boy, but you’ll know it on ultrasound examination.”. Heh, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I came across a website with lots and lots of examples of bad names for kids. Check it out here.

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