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Mediterranean Hotel

Trying to be a little bit less lazy than usual, I decided to take tripod with me, when Olga and I went for an evening walk at the seaside behind the hotels in tourist area of Limassol. Nighttime photography is something that I enjoy, but don’t feel very comfortable doing. It turned out that seaside promenade behind Four Seasons Hotel, Mediterranean Hotel, and Amathus Beach Hotel has lots of strong lights and projectors, which make photographing those places very real. There are few stone embarkments which go few meters into the sea. These help to create an illusion of photographing from the boat. Very nice!

I had a feeling that I mad many pictures, but when I came home, I saw that these were just a few. Probably, I got a false feeling because of the long exposures (around 30 seconds per picture) that I had to use. Also, I completely forgot about the bracketing. I should have bracketed for a half stop or so. That would give me more pictures to post here.

Anyway, after filtering and censoring the absolute crap and a bunch of duplicates out, the results were uploaded into this album. Hopefully, I’ll push myself to practice more.

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