The whole ten yards

Olga and I just watched “The whole ten yards“. It’s so good that we didn’t pay a penny to see it, because it wasn’t worth one. As much as I like the first movie, this sequel is horrible.

Let me stop for a second on major sucking points. Story sucked. Acting sucked. Most of the soundtrack sucked. Camera work sucked. Special effects sucked. Did I forget anything? Maybe. Just so that I have it for sure – acting sucked. It really turns me down to see people who can act pretty good (Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, and others) act like they did here. Yuck!

It is also difficult to say what was the intent of the movie. It is clearly not a comedy. Not one joke made me laugh or smile for that matter. Not one. It is for sure not an action, since there is about 15 shots, 1 dead body, and not a single car chase. It is not a love story, not a soap opera, not a thriller. It is nothing.

If it wasn’t for Amanda Peet, I would have broken my habbit and quit watching the film, so boring it was. Amanda was pleasant to look at. She was very natural and lightlooking (don’t know if there is such a word).

Overall, I’ll give this film a rating of weak 2 out of 10. 1.9 out of those 2 go to Amanda. Pity.

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