Picture of the day

No smoking

Ok, today I almost missed it. First half of the day I was in Nicosia because of some paper work that we needed to do with Olga in the Russian Embassy. The second half of the day I was fixing and studing my home workstation after upgrade to Fedora Linux Core 2. I also was doing a lot of scanning of old pictures. Tought and busy day.

But I managed it. On the way back from Nicosia, Olga and I passed by McDonalds, where I made a couple of pictures. Both of them turned out pretty good for the ‘Picture of the day’ project. Check them out here.

I also think with sadness about two missed opportunities. First, there were a lot of yellow cars near KEO factory. All of them were staying in line and had a KEO logo on the side. I was too bored and lazy to stop and make a picture. Second opportunity present itself nearby the St.Mary’s school, which is close to my place. School started today it seems, because I saw a couple of kids with parents, all dressed up, walking in the direction of the said school. All four looked really nice. But I was still bored and lazy to stop. Now I am punishing myself for that.

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