Home workstation upgraded to Fedore Linux Core 2

I have upgraded by home workstation from Fedora Linux Core 1 to Fedora Linux Core 2. Everything went nice and cool except for the X server. For some reason, X.org didn’t want to use my old XF86Config. After I played around with it trying to convince it, I gave up and regenerated a new config file with ‘X.org -configure’. I had to backport minor bits, like Russian language keyboard setting and mouse wheel configuration from the old file, but that was easy.

I have been running Core 2 on my office workstation and didn’t have any problems for some time now, so I decided to try it at home.

First impressions are rather good. Applications startup faster, especially native KDE stuff. I haven’t noticed it in the office since I have a very powerful machine over there and nothing makes a difference anymore. At home I am still runnnig on Pentium III 800 MHz with 256 megs of RAM, so any speedups are noticable. Another improvement is nicer fonts. Firefox shines. :)

I do recommend switching home machines to Fedora Linux Core 2, since Core 3 is coming out really soon (in a couple of month or so). It will be easier and safer to upgrade, I think.

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  1. You should also try KDE 3.3 since it is even faster than KDE 3.2 (which comes with FC2 by default) and there are also some GUI improovements. While installing KDE 3.3 you need to update gtk and it has a feature of putting Qt widget style to gtk programs so there is no visual difference between native KDE programs and GTK ones :)

    Anyway, even the simple install of FC2 is great. I am using it from its begginning :)

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