Haagen Daz saga

Interesting episode that took place today. Olga wanted to have some Haagen Daz ice cream while watching TV. She prefers Belgian Chocolate or Chocolate Chocoloate Chips flavour. Haagen Daz is something they don’t sell in every kiosk down the street. And it was pretty late too.

The only place I knew they sell this ice cream was Pizza Hut. So Hazard and I went to the nearest Pizza Hut. Unfortunately they were out of Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate Chocolate Chips flavour was not on the menu. I baught a couple of small Vanilla and Cream and Cookies portions and we went back home. It turned out that Olga doesn’t like those. So we went for another quest.

There are two Pizza Hut restaurants in Pafos, so Hazard, Lev, and I went to locate the second one. After some traffic jam sitting time we successfully did so. And now for the essense of the story…

…imagine three adult guys walking into a restaurant and ordering one small Haagen Daz ice cream for take away! What could be more funny, is three guys ordering a small Haagen Daz ice cream with a table and three teaspoons. :) :) :)

Fortunately, Pizza Hut personnel doesn’t pay much attention to weird combinations in orders and just does the job, so noone noticed (or noone showed that they noticed) the flick. Anyway, this was pretty funny while it was happening and I am writing it down since I am pretty sure it will be funny to read through and remember later.

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