For some time now I wanted to see “Clerks.“. Today, I finally got my hands on a copy of the film and watched it immidiately. I am glad I did.

Clerks.” is yet another masterpiece by Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob, who already provided me with a bunch of satisfaction via “Dogma“, “Good Will Hunting“, and “Jersey Girl“. I think I am joining the lines of fans here.

“Clerks.” is all about dialogs. It has so many dialogs that there is no space for anything else in the film. Most of the talking is happening in one of two places – video rentals and a kiosk or minimarket of some kind, where “clerks” work. The film is so tightly packed that there is even no free space for color. Yup. It is in black and white. But there shouldn’t be any color anyway, since the film goes on over a really routine day of a routine clerk. Where is color in that?

The movie’s pace is a bit too fast. There is plenty of food for thought. It did overload me sometimes so I had to think it over and that caused me to miss few bits from the movie. I’ll be rewatching it shortly. Few times. I am also thinking about having it on DVD in my collection. But that needs to be confirmed later.

Anyway, great film that fits 10 out of 10 in my scale. Watch it.

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