Wayback Machine of Internet Archive

While looking for some new stuff to post, I was reminded that sometimes “new” is just “forgotten old”. So looked around for something that was forgotten and remembered the Wayback Machine of Internet Archive. The Wayback Machine allows one to browse through a sight as it was at some moment in time. For example, here are few old versions of http://www.leonid.maks.net just to make you feel a bit nostalgetic.

Check your favourite sites. There are few that do still remain the same though (or almost the same); and Slashdot is one of them.

4 thoughts on “Wayback Machine of Internet Archive”

  1. This is nice service for users but for other people it may be a little "problem". Their spider (as well as Alexa and other crap) hits our websites and just eats bundwidth. If it is only one it is not a big deal but if there are 20? Ban!

  2. Yeah but "useful eating", not everybody. I do not believe that you do not ban malicious robots. This one is harmless but still it is worthless as Alexa and others. And it comes every day malaka

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