Killer Queen

For the last few weeks Limassol was covered with posters which displayed a photo of Freddy Mercury and said something about “Killer Queen”. Most people assumed that there will be some kind of DJ mixing and matching Queen songs and who has enough ambition to call himself a killer of the band. These most people turned out to be wrong. Apparently, Killer Queen is the name of the band. The vocalist looks (and behaves) a lot like Freddy. The band has a website where you can read a lot more about them.

So, I was passing by Kanika when I heard loud music, saw a stage and decided that it would be good to go and see it. I called up Hazard and so we went. Entrance was free thanks to sponsoring of the best guys ever. The concert was excellent. The Freddy/Scotty guy was very energetic and had an excellent control over the crowd. After they have finished people were shouting for more, and so they did “We are the champions” which was campaigned with Greek flags, which was all connected to Greece’s triumph in the Euro 2004.

The only thing which was setting back the enjoyment was some stupid guy, who, I think, was the host. I don’t know from which disco they took him, but he was totally out of place, which was pretty much explained by his T-shirt with big white letters spelling “LOST”. :)

I wish there would be more advertising for such and event. A lot of people missed it because they didn’t know what it will be like. Pity. Anyway, once again thanks to Carlsberg and I hope they will do more of these. :)

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