JAlbum dumped. Back to Dave’s album.

I’ve been getting slowly annoyed by JAlbum. It is slow and inefficient. Every time I add an album, it has to go through all previous albums. It has memory leaks and dies easily. The worst part is that I cannot do anything about it. I don’t know Java and, what is worst, I don’t have the source.

So I decided to switch back to album from Dave’s Marginal Hacks. It has it’s own pros and cons, but at least it is written in Perl and it is Open Source.

While I was at it, I decided to restructure a bit my photo storage. With the Digital Rebel it was getting crowded there. So I separated albums by years. I have uploaded all the links that I could find (even some posts on the forums), but there is still a chance that you might miss something. If that happens, just navigate to it through the links in the “Photos” section.

I don’t think I will change album generating software in the near future, since I am kind of fed up with moving backwards and forwards. I’ll just patch this one. :)

P.S.: If you find any broken links, please let me know so that I could fix them for other visitors. TIA.

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