One Hour Photo

After fixing all the problems with the sound, I’ve decided to test the new TV and watch a movie. “One Hour Photo” was the next one on the list. It is a kind of movie I wanted to see, but after I’ve missed it in the cinema, I didn’t care too much to rent it. Accidentaly I’ve got my hands on the DVD a few days ago. ;)

It is a good film. It is different from a whole bunch of other in the way that it is about the maniac, but there are no dead bodies in the film. Not even blood. It kind of shows everything from the perspective of the poor guy with the wicked mind. Robin Williams is awfully like himself. I like the way he acts, but I guess I’ve seen too much of his movies. He is getting boring.

There were plenty of nice photographs in the film, which I especially appreciated, being an amateur photograph myself. Actually, all the camera work in the film was pretty good.

If you’d ask me to rate it, I would give it a 6 out of 10. Watch it if you want something slow, with no blood, few “F”-words in it, and few nice family pictures. Not particularly entertaining for my tastes.

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