The lens is here!!!

Finally, after waiting for almost a month my order had arrived. It has been through all possible problems. At first, there was a long timeout until Digital Photo Club realised that they are out of stock and that they need to backorder the circular polarizer. Somehow we managed to substitute the Canon PL-C with B&W alternative. After they’ve shipped the package, Cyprus joined the EU. That caused a change of custom regulations and noone knew how to proceed with clearance. Today, after laying in customs office for more then a week, the package finally got delivered to Limassol. Luckily, local FedEx doesn’t care about personnal identity and anyone who is ready to pay the tax for the package can claim it. I’ve paid 73 CYP in cash (roughly $150 USD) and ran home. :)

I’ve made few shot around and I am looking at results while I’m writing this. Belicimo! :) When the lens is in 300mm zoom it is about twice as long compared to 75mm (the one on the picture). I can finally shoot subjects without stepping on their toes. I’ve made a picture of an old woman from across the road and she didn’t even see me. :) Finally, I can focus on one particular subject leaving everything else out of the frame, which is rather difficult with a wide angle lens. I’ll be posting some pictures pretty soon, I guess. :)

Both lens hoods that I’ve got now are plastic and light. B&W polarizer has metal base and is rather heavy. It has a sign on the side saying “Made in Germany”. Not China. Germany. By “ze Germans”.

I’ll stop here, since I am a little bit overwhelmed and overexcited. :)

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