Forrest Gump

I’ve just watched an all-time classic “Forrest Gump” on the DVD. I think I’ve seen this movie half a million times by now, but I still find new bits and pieces every time I watch it.

This movie is perfect in every and any sense. The story is interesting and original. Acting is perfect. Tom Hanks shines in this film for he has the main role, but everyone else is excellent aswell. Soundtrack is exceptional. There are moments when 2-3-4 songs/compositions change each other within one minute, but there are times when there is a lot of silence. Very moody. Special effects are also well done – all the presidents’ meetings, John Lennon, China, etc. Very neat.

Actually, I cannot point to one thing that is wrong with this film. I didn’t remember it being that good. And what makes me happier is knowing that I’ve got this DVD permanently for my collection. :)

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