The Sweet Hereafter

Just watched “The Sweet Hereafter” on DVD. IMDB calls it a drama. The cover of the DVD calls it a “social” movie. I would call it a really slow boring movie without any point what-so-ever. The story is very simple – there was an accident in of the small towns, where a school bus, full of children of course, went off the road and on to the lake, broke the ice, and drowned. Most of the children died, except for just the few, and a bus driver (woman). So, there comes this lawyer who tries to get this people together to sue someone for damages. That’s it. The cherry is in showing how this people are sufferring over the loss of their kids. The lawyer himself has a problem with his daughter who is a drug addict.

The best moral out of the movie that I can make is: Lawyers are bad, because there life sucks. But everyone else’s life sucks too. That’s it. If you knew that already, then you can pass this movie. This is one of those times when I am glad I didn’t make it into the movies when it was showing.

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