A couple of multimedia links


Today I’ve seen and heard a couple of interesting pieces.

  • Plance crash movie – NASA controlled experiment. This was originally found at College Humour.
  • Skating dog – this is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen ever! Again, originally posted at College Humour.
  • Windows sounds mix – this is a must see and listen Flash with a mix done with native Windows sounds only. It also tries to convince you that everything was done in Sounds Recorder that comes with MS Windows, but I find that hard to believe. :)

College Humour has a tonne of other clips that are less impressive, but are also recommended.

P.S.: If you have problems playing these video clips on your Linux machine, then walk down to the MPlayer website and download all the codecs from there. It worked like a charm for my Fedora Linux Core 1 box. Cheers. ;)

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