Am I alone?

  • Vladimir Ivaschenko. No crap. Very serious. Last updated on January 6th and started with the words: “It’s been over year since last updates…”
  • Lev Chouvalov. Forgot to pay for his domain name and doesn’t bother anymore. His site is down for more then a week now. Used to have some useful things over there.
  • Alexander Mamtchenkov. “O Brother, Where Art Thou?“. My brother that is. Haven’t paid his Internet bill for some time and doesn’t care about his site being down for few weeks (month?) now.
  • Olga Mamtchenkova. My wife. She doesn’t even want to have one. The rest of my family is not different about this in any way.

Did I make all that crap that I put on the web shine like a piece of gold already? :)

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